Case Study: Menard Canada

Finding an Engineering Sales Person is a Catch 22

Finding experienced salespeople with technical knowledge in your industry is difficult, but not impossible. Let’s start the search.
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Menard Canada is a specialty geotechnical contractor located in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary with approximately 30 employees. They belong to the greater Menard Group, a global civil construction company from France. Initially, they were in need of a Business Development Manager to join their Vancouver team —a candidate with extensive experience in civil engineering, preferably a civil engineer that could do business development. Our recruiters at Goldbeck thought outside of the box for these placements. 

Identifying talent with transferable skills that match a specific industry is one of our specialties — and it proved successful with Menard. After Goldbeck Recruiting interviewed 18 candidates, we sent along one particular candidate directly to Menard; a salesperson with a background in construction instead of civil engineering. This candidate had all of the qualities of a potential Business Development Manager that Menard was looking for, and ultimately was hired.   

Menard has also sought talent to join their teams in Montreal and Toronto.When making placements in other cities, Goldbeck knows when to utilize their network of over 600 recruiting firms. In this case, they introduced their client to their carefully selected recruiting partners who were very familiar with the peculiarities of the industry. Through this partnership, they succeeded in filling 5 positions in Toronto as well as Montreal. Their strong network makes finding candidates in every market and numerous industries possible.