Product Development and Quality Support Role for Sunpan

A manufacturer of high-end furniture, Sunpan, operates across North America with production facilities in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam. They were seeking a unique combination of skills for a Product Development and Quality Support Role in Indonesia, which initially proved challenging to find. The limited candidate pool in the small village near the manufacturing facility forced them to broaden their search. After some negotiation and flexibility in the requirements, we successfully identified the right candidate for the position. Thanks to our partnership with NPA Worldwide, Senior Recruiter Alessia Pagliaroli was able to get in touch with recruiters on the ground in Indonesia and put us in touch with potential candidates.

This collaboration not only helped Sunpan find the right talent but also showcased the value of working with partners who understand the local market and can connect with potential candidates effectively. Working with global partners gives the client the benefit of using us as a local Canadian, English-speaking agency while having the global reach into any part of the world at no additional expense or hassle to the client.