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Senior Scientist for Metabolomic Technologies Inc.

Biotech Talent Recruitment Requires Innovation

Top talent sets a company’s course. They want to know they’ll be empowered scientifically as part of a diverse and positive company culture.
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Goldbeck Senior Recruiter, Vanessa Cox faced the challenge of sourcing a candidate with a specific skill set and experience to Metabolomic Technologies Inc. (MTI), an SME biotech company in Edmonton, Alberta, specializing in metabolomic technologies. Despite their innovation, MTI’s reputation compared to multi-national competitors posed recruitment challenges. Their stringent requirements included specific qualifications like expertise in medical device regulatory requirements, and specifically ISO 13485, and a need for leadership experience in the senior scientist role. These prerequisites narrowed the pool of potential candidates, exacerbated by the scarcity of ISO 13485-experienced individuals in the metabolomic field within Western Canada or willing to relocate to WC

Vanessa’s diligent searching and screening eventually identified a candidate with the essential ISO qualifications, highlighting the hidden talents that candidates may possess beyond their LinkedIn profiles. Her successful placement for MTI showcased the importance of managing client expectations that are often marked by rigid criteria and the ability to recognize strong qualities beyond those strict requirements. 

Her success shows the value that dedicated and insightful recruiters can bring to companies like MTI in the metabolomic technologies industry, emphasizing adaptability and industry expertise in finding the ideal candidate.