Case Study: Regional Hospital Foundation

Fundraising and Financing at Not-for-Profits

Not-for-Profits face a host of financial and legal challenges. Overcoming them requires recruiting strong leaders, often on a budget.
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This rural Vancouver Island non profit was a small operation with a big task at hand. When their office manager left for maternity leave, they realized an Executive Director was needed to handle the complexities of their expansion project. Golbeck was eager to step in as they have an appreciation for the work that nonprofits do, offering them 25% off their service fees. 

This role in particular required strong fundraising skill with experience working on large projects. Our recruiter, Karen, started her search by thoroughly scouring and speaking with local candidates, a high priority for the organization. When the right experience could unfortunately not be sourced locally, she expanded her search by utilizing her vast network of contacts across Canada. By conducting roughly 20 interviews herself, Karen was able to send 8 suitable candidates to the client. After initial screening, the first round consisted of 6 interviews, which led to 3 finalists. Due to the number of stakeholders within nonprofits, the board needs adequate time and information to deliberate and make the right decision. Goldbeck supports this process as the more consensus they can find, the higher the likelihood of a successful hire. 

In this case, the board came to a decision and a successful hire was made. This candidate had previously held many senior fundraising positions and was interested in relocating home to Vancouver Island for the role. Goldbeck takes pride in sourcing talent locally, but knows when it’s necessary to expand the search.