Entrepreneurial Pulp and Paper Sales

We have a longstanding relationship with a pulp and paper trading business out of Germany. We’ve made placements for them in Vienna, Frankfurt, and as far away as Hong Kong. Using our recruiter network in each region, we coordinated with the clients needs and curated a short list of qualified sales manager candidates from similar industries.

What’s most interesting about this project is that the German company is very particular about their interest in candidates with entrepreneurial or financial trading backgrounds. There are a lot of moving pieces in the trading industries, as with running your own business. The client appreciates this type of mentality in its employees. We worked very hard on each of these placements because of their intense requirements for experience in particular industries and the criterion for personality.

Our placements ended up coming from very different places. One sales manager made the move from Montreal to Austria, or from Belgium to Hong Kong, and locally from Vienna to Eastern European locations.

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