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Case Study: Manufacturer of Specialized Engineered Equipment

To grow in the manufacturing and operations space having experienced executives on your team is essential. This is why our client, a growing manufacturer of specialized engineered equipment, was in search of a CEO with a proven track record of growing a $15-$20 million dollar business into something even greater. A big job that not just anyone could fill. Senior recruiter Jessica Miles took on this assignment ready to apply her extensive experience recruiting for the manufacturing and operations industry.

While it was essential for the candidate to have a track record of growth, it was equally important that they had previously led a company with a strong service component. This company services their own machinery and pre-pandemic would fly their team members as far as Australia for jobs. The industry the candidate came from wasn’t as important, rather the emphasis was placed on finding an individual capable of implementing structure, managing the Board, getting external funding, and other executive level responsibilities.

After kicking off the search, right away Jessica noticed a trend. Most of the potential candidates at the CEO level were based in Ontario. This would remain a challenge throughout the search. 

Most candidates were not interested in moving across the country and since the position was based in Kelowna it made it even trickier. Despite the lack of local candidates, Jessica managed to find a diamond in the rough. The successful candidate had the experience the client was looking for and the position being Kelowna based was, in fact, a draw for them and they moved from Vancouver for the role. Finding talent that clients need to grow their business is a primary goal at Goldbeck and we are committed to delivering that.