Case Study: Triton

Hiring for the New Forestry Industry

Building relationships and balancing industry goals are more important than ever.
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A world leader in the underwater logging industry, Triton is a BC based company that specializes in technology design, harvest concession development and logging services. They sought a particular blend of expertise to fill a niche role in this unique sector. Our recruiter, Kevin Britton, was eager to take on the challenge and assist them in this tough search. 

A defining feature of this position is that it required frequent travel to Guiana, one of their logging locations. Primarily, the client sought someone with a background in electrical engineering coupled with a mechanical inclination since they would be responsible for product redesign and maintenance of equipment. Additional requirements were PLC programming experience, strong hydraulics knowledge and an understanding of GPS and sonar technology. Clearly, this was a complex role that blended many areas of expertise.

Due to the specific knowledge and skill this role required, Kevin knew the pool of candidates would be limited. However, his personal connection to and understanding of the natural resources sector served him well and he was able to find 15 potential candidates. After reviewing the first pool, he sent 8 profiles to the client and they went on to interview 5.  The selected candidate had very diverse experience, as he had previously owned his own pump shop, worked in the oil industry where he did plc programming and operated machinery and also had experience in forestry and shipping. An added bonus was he lived on Vancouver Island, so he could easily visit the company headquarters in Victoria, if needed. Kevin’s thorough knowledge of the industry and understanding of the role led to a successful placement that was done with ease.