Case Study: Water Treatment Engineer Placement

Keys to Sales Success in the Natural Resources Sector

Finding the right salesperson for the natural resources sector means locating a relationship builder who’s not afraid to do their homework.
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Specializing in water and wastewater treatment systems, our client was in need of a water engineer to add to their growing team. When they encountered unforeseen difficulty in their search, they contacted one of our senior recruiters, Jessica Miles, who had previously made a successful placement for them. Jessica got straight to work and began her meticulous search for the right candidate. 

This company creates custom turnkey water treatment systems for remote settlements of people, such as work camps or indigenous communities.  The main responsibility of this role was designing  the custom water treatment systems. However, in addition to the typical duties of a water engineer, the selected candidate would also be responsible for requesting for proposals and requesting for quotes, with experience doing both being a must. 

Having conducted many searches within this sector, Jessica was familiar with the limited talent pool and knew that working on smaller scale solutions may not be attractive for some candidates. Nevertheless, this challenge was easily overcome and she found 10 suitable candidates which ultimately led to a successful hire. The selected candidate was an experienced water engineer that was looking for a culture change and embraced this new opportunity.  Goldbeck prides itself on having recruiters with in-depth industry knowledge who know where to find top talent.