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Executive recruitment is always a challenge for our clients. When a company undergoes leadership change, the period of transition or uncertainty can make the executive search process more difficult than a typical employee turnover. Goldbeck Recruiting understands that searching for executive management must be handled delicately and pragmatically. We do our best to find a balance between finding the best candidate within a suitable timeframe so that your company can return to its usual business.

Our search capabilities go beyond Canadian executive search and include International executive candidates. Goldbeck is a member of CFR Global Executive Search which is an International organization dedicated to Quality, Speed and Best Practice of the executive search process. Goldbeck Recruiting serves as the exclusive Executive Search Agency in Western Canada for CFR Global. We have filled executive positions worldwide: Canada, USA, Hong Kong, China, Europe, Mexico, and South America.

Henry Goldbeck, CEO of Goldbeck recruiting in Vancouver BC

Henry Goldbeck

President and CEO

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Our executive search division focuses on permanent placements for: CEO, CMO, CFO, President, VP, General Manager, Directors, and Senior Executive Management.

Sample job placements that have been covered by our executive search recruiters:

Mining Exploration
Chemical Operations
Real Estate
Import Export
Metals Fabrication
Oil & Petroleum
Information Technology
Executive Search
Medical / Pharmaceutical

Vancouver, BC
Burnaby, BC
Richmond, BC
Surrey, BC
Victoria, BC
Kitimat, BC
Nanaimo, BC
Williams Lake, BC
Calgary, AB
Fort McMurray, AB
Edmonton, AB
Saskatoon, SK
Havelock, ON
Burlington, ON
Toronto, ON
Western Canada
Eastern Canada

VP Sales & Marketing
Director of Finance
Regional Sales Manager
Supply Chain Manager
Business Development Manager
Plant Manager
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Technical Sales Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Marketing Director

Success Story in Executive Search

A holding company over a span of a few years had opened up three mining companies across Canada. Each needed a President/CEO to head the company and develop it from the grass roots. Henry Goldbeck through extensive networking and headhunting had found a suitable match.

The client had come back to Goldbeck Recruiting in two future instances to fill similar roles. Henry Goldbeck had maintained long-term relationships with the client as well as well as the top candidates he came across.

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