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4 Key Strategies to Get Promoted This Year

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That’s because job competency is only a fraction of the equation when managers are determining the ideal candidate for a promotion. You need to separate yourself from the herd by going the extra mile.

Stand out to your employers by utilizing these four key strategies.

Think – and Act – Outside the Box

If you don’t perform beyond your job description, you won’t be considered for a role outside your job description. Of course, excelling at your job is important, but think bigger by asking yourself how you can be a benefit to the company aside from doing the work you’re getting paid to do. A great place to begin is by learning other roles within the company. Ask your boss to cross-train in another department to get a better grasp on how other roles contribute to the company goals. These kinds of initiatives show your boss that you are motivated and capable of seeing the bigger picture.

Be the One Who Gets It Done

Difficult tasks or projects are bound to present themselves from time to time, no matter what the business. See these challenges as an opportunity to be the one who solves the problem. Your mindset should be that you can get … Read More »

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Office

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There are several legends surrounding Valentine Day’s origin, but perhaps the most popular story is one that takes place over 1700 years ago, which tells of a priest named St. Valentine who was persecuted by the Roman Emperor for aiding imprisoned Christians. It is said that during his imprisonment, he performed a miracle on the jailer’s daughter, Julia. His miracle healed her of blindness. On the night before he was executed, he wrote Julia a letter and signed it, “Your Valentine”, and that is how the first Valentine’s card was born.

Today, Valentine’s Day is a widely-celebrated holiday on the 14th of February, with millions of people giving Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates, and flowers to their family and loved ones. Although it’s admittedly a highly-commercialized occasion, it can be a fun day and the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for not only your loved ones, but for your colleagues or employees as well.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at the office can be a great way to make work fun and improve employee morale, but it is important to remember that not everyone has positive associations with the holiday. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep the pink and red decor to a … Read More »

Happy Family Day from Goldbeck Recruiting

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Family Day is one of the most recent holidays to be introduced into Canada’s calendar, with Alberta being the first province to implement the day in 1990. Since then, it has become a recognized holiday in Saskatchewan, Ontario, and British Columbia.   British Columbia celebrates Family Day on the second Monday of every February while the other three provinces celebrate on the third Monday of the month. Other provinces have similar holidays around this time, such as Louis Riel day in Manitoba and Islander Day in Prince Edward Island.

The holiday was implemented to give the working community an additional long weekend to spend time with their families, and help compensate for the long stretch of time between New Year’s and Good Friday.

With the exception of British Columbia, Family Day coincides with American President Day. Many businesses will remain open or have minimal staff at the office to accommodate for the other provinces and businesses that do not observe the holiday.

If you’re fortunate to have this long weekend away from work, be sure to take advantage of it by unplugging from the office and spending time with your family. There are numerous possibilities for making the most of this winter long weekend: … Read More »

Communication in a blended workplace

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ISS of BC is hosting a Cultural Competency Training on February 23rd, to focus on the importance of Communication in a Blended Workplace.

-Gamelle Fitzgibbon shares her tactics on improving cultural adaptability here.

Communication in a Blended Workplace:

Cut the cost of culture-based miscommunication and conflict
Interview, train, and lead with cultural awareness
Tips for clear, positive communication in a diverse team

Diversity and Innovation:

Four ways HR stimulates innovation through Diverse hires
Lessons learned from innovation with internationally trained profressionals


Thursday February 23, 2017
8:00 AM – Noon


Holiday Inn Metrotown
Fraser South Room
4405 Central Boulevard
(Across from Central Metrotown SkyTrain Station)
Burnaby, BC


Registration: 7:30 am
Refreshments & Free WiFi
Free Parking


4 Crucial Steps to Prepare for an Interview

Posted on February 8th, by Henry Goldbeck in Interviewing Advice, Job Search, Resume Writing. No Comments

Your cover letter and resume are great for getting your foot in the door. But once you get called in for an interview, how you conduct yourself and the answers you give are what will determine whether you get the job or not. Prepare to sell yourself well by following these 4 critical tips:

Research the Company and more…

If you are really interested in this position, invest the time to research the company, the competitors and the industry they are in to the extent that you are able to discuss issues and ask questions regarding key staff, competitive landscape, regulatory environment, and product/service trends. Set your self apart with thoroughness of your preparation. You would be surprised at how many people do not research the prospective employer before an interview. This is inexcusable in the age of internet search capability.

Refresh your memory: think about your own work history, life, and achievements. Spend hours over several days making notes for yourself, remembering work you have done, your achievements, your volunteer experience, etc., and dig up all the great things about yourself so that they are close on hand during the interview. Have 4 times as much information as you could possibly say … Read More »